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By Lee | 12 March 2021 | 0 Comments

What Makes Pillar Candles So Special

The use of candles traced back as far as 221-206 BC to China, as a country that boasts some of the earliest ties to the candle-manufacturing industry. Throughout history, candles were carefully crafted for a large array of different uses and purposes from tell-time to simply lighting a room, candles were invented for a good purpose that has most certainly served the test of time. 

There have been a variety of different materials that have been used to create candles, including (but certainly not limited to): beeswax, tallow, bayberry wax, paraffin, and a blended wax (that is most commonly used in today’s candle). The preference for candle wax type has undoubtedly changed slightly over the years, however, the use and valued importance of candle-use has most certainly remained the same over the course of the centuries. 

It was the creation and widespread growth of modern-day lighting and electricity that led to the dwindling of the use of household candles as a main source of lighting, however, in recent years candles have begun to rise in popularity quite quickly because of the incredible aromas they provide and the warm, sense of comfort and ambiance that they give off, as well as for the use in emergency purposes.  

Regardless of why humans love pillar candles shopping so very much and have refused to eliminate them entirely from their lives, one thing can be clear and that is that candles are most certainly here to stay. And regardless of what types, colors, or scents you prefer, you can be sure to find the perfect ones at Home Lights Candles. 

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