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By Lee | 14 March 2021 | 0 Comments

All About the Burger Candles

One of the most popular products offered by Home Lights Candles is the “Burger Series Candle,” and for very good reason! The Burger Series Candle offers a number of great scents in beautifully colored canisters, that are sure to look remarkable and warm-up any area they are placed in! 

The Burger Series Candles are lightweight, put off the perfect amount of lighting, and scented perfectly. Regardless of what your preferred type of scent is, Home Lights Burger Series Candles is sure to have the perfect one for you. With scents including, lemon and lime, linen and cotton blossom, eucalyptus and oakmoss, apple cinnamon, peach-pineapple and coconut, and apple-white jasmine and gardenia, you are sure to find something pleasing to your personal desires. 

These candles are one of the longest-burning candles available, with burn times running of upwards of twenty-two hours in total! And, the candle holder itself is actually reusable once you have finished burning your candle! You can use it to store small belongings or simply use it as a candle holder again and again! 

The Burger Series Candles are also eco-friendly in the way of using 100% all-natural soy wax, and an equally all-natural cotton wick, to ensure that each burn is a clean one for those around the candle. Not to mention the fact that the price is simply unmatched in terms of the quality of these wonderful candles. If you are looking for the perfect scented candle for yourself or simply as a great gift, the Home Lights Burger Series Candle is a great option for anyone on your list. 

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