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By Lee | 17 March 2021 | 0 Comments

Interesting Facts About Tea Lights

Tea lights have been in existence for several decades making them one of the oldest lighting equipment. Tea light can be used for different purposes. No matter the reason for burning tea lights, you will always enjoy the result. It is essential to get some facts about the tea light before buying tealight candles; this will go a long way in getting a satisfactory result. This article will discuss some of the interesting facts about tea lights. Below are some of the amazing facts about tea lights;
Makeup - although tea light gives amazing results, it is only made of three main components. These components are not complex. Tea lights are made of the wick, tin casing, and quality wax. You should look out for these three components before buying your tea light. You should only shop tea lights with quality wax, good wick, and strong tin casing.
Burning time - this is a complex point to discuss because burning time will be determined by the size of the candle, how strong the wick is, and the weather at the point of burning. On average, tea lights burn for 6 hours. This is long enough for a dinner.
Cheap - one of the advantages of buying tea lights is the price. Tea light is one of the cheapest lightings one could get for various occasions. No matter your budget, you will always get varieties of tea lights. Apart from being cheap, they come in different sizes, colors, and shapes giving buyers different options to pick from. Do not hesitate to research the different tea lights before buying any tea light product.

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