New Arrival Scented Candles

Here's a sneak peek of the very latest arrivals here at Home Lights Candles. We make regular trips to Scandinavia and Europe searching for the most beautiful things we can find (many of which are exclusive to us) so there will always be something fresh and new to  ee here. We hope you love them as much as we do.  


   Twelve Fragrance to Choose 

This new large jar candle series has a total of twelve different fragrances, which can fully meet your needs at different times, occasions and situations. Whether you like the sweetness of coconut, the fragrance of fruits, or the fresh smell of plants and flowers, you can find what you want in these scented candles. Every scented candle is a fusion of fresh and natural fruit, plant and flower scents. These Handmade Mouth-Blown Glass Large Jar Candles will give you the most natural and long-lasting fragrance experience.  


   Hand Blown Glass Large Jar  Candle 

The striking design of the new collection features hand-made glass vases, which have been specially tinted in 12 soft gradients of colour, simple yet elegant.The unique packaging is an original hand-painted design that incorporates elements of ancient Chinese flowers and birds.Oriental aesthetic design and soothing fragrances make it the perfect gift for every purpose.


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