The Home Lights® fragrance brand was born in 2004. At that time, product designer David went to Northern Europe to relax after work, but he found unexpected joy in the jungles of the Scandinavian mountains. This moist and cold air contained extremely precious original breath. It is what modern life lacks but is extremely longing for. How to add a touch of warmth to it has become an equation he can't wait to solve.

After returning to Poland, he temporarily suspended his work and began his journey of seeking incense. Half a year later, the answer was finally found in Oceania in the southern hemisphere. The unique cool woody scent of blue gum eucalyptus, coupled with the original fragrance of cedar coniferous plants, the taste of Nordic forests has begun to take shape and then add blindly cinnamon from Madagascar, the pungent smell, let the cold fragrance There is a touch of warmth in it.

The first scented candle-[Eucalyptus and Cedar] was also born together with the brand. It is designed with a wooden candle wick, which perfectly restores the slightly burnt wood smell of the branching fire when it is lit, and the melted soybean wax contains it. The aromatic substances slowly released, sending pure and primitive breath into the nose.

Brand Concept
Like the first fragrance creation concept, Home Lights® fragrance wants to deliver natural fragrance from all over the world to every household, so that more people can enjoy comfortable and natural olfactory travel while tired. Comfortable life.

Adhering to this purpose and goal, since the establishment of the brand, Home Lights
® fragrance has always adhered to the brand concept of "art, nature, and harmony", integrating the oriental and western fragrance culture and artistic creativity, and it has been ranked with the top ten Givaudan in the world. , Firmenich, Symrise, Robertet, and other fragrance companies jointly create fragrances. Advocating the aesthetics of fragrance life and spreading fragrance lifestyle with fashionable and unique fragrance creation concept; using the world's best essential oil raw materials, advocating natural essential oil fragrance, pursuing natural and pure quality; adhering to the harmonious coexistence of man and nature, research and development, design and manufacturing All resources can be reused and sustainable development.